Hearthstone® Bot Engine

Hearthrock is an open source Hearthstone® bot engine for artificial intelligence scientists.
With Hearthrock you can implement your Hearthstone® bot with any programming language.

Source Codes Get Hearthstone ®

Key technologies: C#, Unity3D, Mono and MonoCecil.

C-Sharp Engine

The engine was written in pure C#. The code is easy to understand, cross platform, and compatibable with Hearthstone®.

Client Server Mode

Bot program runs as a WebAPI service. Bot can be modified without restarting your game.

Style and Documentation

Code fully documented, including explanations for both Hearthrock codes and Hearthstone® codes. 100% StyleCop covered, 0 warning.


Hearthstone® wrapped as ADT, Bots code can have 100% unit test coverage.

Play Safe

The engine will not modify client behaviors. It will only click buttons and cards for bots. No network hijacking, no client unsafe modification.


Decoupled data contracts and extremely simple interfaces, which will keep compatibility.